Unforgettable vacation in Novosibirsk

Having visited Novosibirsk, having previously purchased air tickets from Novosibirsk once, you will want to visit the city more than once. Since there are many attractions and interesting places that should not be left out. The main symbol and landmark of the city is the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, which with the City Trade Building is an ensemble on Sq. Lenin, which is the main one in Novosibirsk.

Do not leave without emotion visit the first stone building — Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. From the Cathedral begins the main street of the city — Krasny Prospekt. Next to this place is the unique Kryachkov House, whose author, as far back as 1937, was a gold medal at an exhibition in Paris. Especially popular among tourists is the Museum of the Sun. The basis of the museum is a private collection of images of solar gods and the Sun of ancient civilizations. All exhibits are made of wood on the source of archaeological finds. In total, the museum has about 2000 exhibits.

If you decide to go on holiday with the whole family, then you should visit the botanical garden, as well as the zoo. Only in the Novosibirsk zoo one can find such animals as argali, lion tamarin, ligra, and tacna. We should not leave the station of the Novosibirsk-Main station without attention. This landmark is interesting in that the building in form resembles a locomotive. Visiting the Novosibirsk Museum of Railway Technology, you will see a huge collection of diesel locomotives, locomotives, electric locomotives, which can not only be examined in detail, but also photographed next to them.

In Novosibirsk, you know how to stroll along the famous Bard Alley, where the «stars» are laid by the great Bulat Okudzhava, Yuri Vizbor, and Alexander Galich. A monument to the famous Vladimir Vysotsky is erected on the Bard Alley. At the crossroads of Sibrevkoma and Serebrennikovskaya streets is the most unusual monument dedicated to Svetophor. The doors of Novosibirsk are always open for tourists!