Rest in Feodosiya — price and quality

So, taking into account these climatic features of this region, Feodosia is the best option for organizing an almost year-round recreation. And if you consider the presence of a fairly good transport and tourist infrastructure, then Feodosia can definitely be put on a par with such, more famous resorts of the Crimea, like Yalta, Alupka and Alushta.

It should be noted that Feodosia belongs to the category of climatic-balneological resorts in a number of parameters, as in the territory of Feodosia there are mineral water springs and mud deposits, which are the basis for most Feodosia sanatoriums and rest homes. So in particular, the most popular sanatoriums of Feodosia include the boarding house «Ukraine» belonging to the Mariupol metallurgical plant named after Ilyich and the sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, where high-quality service and good services allocate these sanatoriums from a number of similar enterprises in Feodosia.

At the same time, if you are unlucky, and you came to Feodosia to rest «savage», then do not despair. At your service comfortable hotels in Feodosia, the price of accommodation in which fully corresponds to the level of the provided service, not inferior to what our, domestic tourists watch in the same Bulgaria or Turkey. In addition, tour operator Alean in any case will be able to choose the best option for you not only to stay, but also to resort and sanatorium treatment.

So, if you plan to spend your vacation on the Black Sea coast of Crimea, you can not hesitate for a long time and finally decide on a holiday in Feodosia, and regardless of the time of the year. After all, the Feodosia climate and the proximity of the Black Sea will allow you and your family to have a full rest in the winter, not to mention the summer or velvet season.