What should you know about the airport in advance?

After you bought a ticket to an unfamiliar city, do not rush to immediately close the Internet browser. In order to add to your comfort ride, spend a few more minutes and find out something about the airport your flight arrives in.

Visa control

Many resort countries introduce a simplified visa regime for tourists, which allows obtaining a coveted stamp in the passport already on arrival, right at the airport. Although it saves a lot of time and effort, do remember that you will have to wait in line for a visa. In addition, it is almost always free of charge, so you need to have cash with you, preferably in local currency and find out exactly where the mark is placed in order to take the queue there first.

Distance to the city

Most airports are located far from the cities to which they belong. True, it can be as 5 kilometers or 50, so it’s better to know in advance whether you will leave the plane in the center of a megacity or in a remote steppe.

Timetable of public transport

Simultaneously with the distance to the city it is worth finding out and how it is easiest to overcome, that is, what types of transport connect the airport and residential areas, as well as how much it costs and how often they go.

Car Rental Service

If you want to rent a car, ask if the rental service can deliver it directly to the airport and take it back there. This is the most convenient option, however, it is not available in all cities.

Catering system

Even a tiny bun at the airport can cost tens of dollars. In order not to go broke on snacks, in advance find out where the airport or nearby are located network cafes or fast food. For example, the same McDonald’s though not too useful, but economical.

Availability of rest and waiting

If this airport is just a place for transplantation, it’s a good idea to know in advance whether there are rest rooms (including high comfort) in it and whether their visit is included in the price of your ticket, because your emotional state directly depends on it.

ATMs and banks

Before entering the city, do not forget to take some local currency off the map or exchange rubles for it. To do this, you need at least an ATM, the location of which is better to know in advance.

You can get all the necessary information right away when buying a ticket on the meta-search engine or the airport itself.

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