Europe reveals its arms: the hotel Baltic, St. Petersburg

The main problem of many domestic travelers trying to master the vast expanses of such a continent as Europe lies in the fact that the same St. Petersburg is included in the top 10 best cities in Europe, worthy of attention. With this in mind, the Baltic Hotel, St. Petersburg will be the best haven for a lover of the most acute impressions, from what he saw in the northern capital.

We can assume that the hotel Baltic is already Europe

After all, the thing is that if you look through the rating of hotels located on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Baltic Hotel, which in St. Petersburg, really surprises many of its guests. After all, not every hotel in Russia has only 54 rooms located in the heart of the city, a five-minute walk from the Senate Square, with almost all the charms of European civilization. And this is not only satellite TV, air conditioning and friendly concierge at the reception, but also real Russian hospitality, which in a standard double room can impress the imagination of any guest. And this is Europe, the «window» into which the Emperor Perth Alekseevich himself was «cut» in his years.

Europe is pretty close

If, for one reason or another, the fact that the Baltiyskaya Hotel occupies the first place in the rating of hotels in Russia is discarded, then it is not surprising that booking a room in it is sometimes quite problematic. After all, wishing to spend their holidays or make a business trip to St. Petersburg, living in the center, especially in the summer period of «white» nights, sometimes it is quite problematic. But the managers of this hotel will try their best to make your trip to the northern capital of Russia, in this small part of Europe, leave the most vivid impressions.

In addition, if you really gathered in the northern part of the European continent and have an international document with stamps, the so-called Shengen zone. At your disposal are several ferryboats that run between the shores of the northern capital of the Russian Federation and its neighboring states Finland, Sweden or other Baltic enclaves of European culture.

And Petersburg is also Europe

However, if your family budget does not allow such a dizzying voyage, then St. Petersburg is at your service, because, for example, Nevsky Prospekt does not in the slightest give way to the Pegasus Place in the capital of the UK and the Champs Elysées in Paris. At the same time, if we talk about the more interesting places of these centers of civilization, the St. Petersburg Hermitage will not give in to the Madame Tussauds or to the more «steep» Versailles in the suburbs of the glorious city of Paris.

So, if you really gathered in Europe and are looking for the top-10 of the best hotels, then with some confidence you can say that a visit to St. Petersburg can completely compensate for the lack of opportunity to visit the most «advanced» capital of the old lady, the mother of Europe, at an affordable price.