Gathered in travel, do not forget to dress appropriately

Probably many of us can recall a case when assembled on vacation in Europe or just in any journey, we have spoiled all the positive impressions, taking with him a few «not right» clothes.

When planning a trip, plan your clothes too

To a greater extent this applies to those cases where travel is planned in such a point of the planet, where the world does not guarantee a constant acceptable weather as much as possible adapted to visit any sights or unique natural phenomena. So, in this case it is optimal to go on a regular vacation, where the summer is, no different from the winter, and the winter naturally does not differ from the summer.

In the latter case we have in mind, not the sunny beaches of Majorca, or similar places of Saudi Arabia and Brunei, and more exotic places of our planet, such as Greenland, Frantsa Iosifa Land, or at all, but it is quite expensive, Antarctica. Proceeding from this, two main versions of outerwear and related accessories are possible.

Two options for the upcoming trip and the same number of options for your wardrobe

In the event that your holiday in Europe, then you should not worry especially, because your wardrobe can consist of two basic sets. The first of these is a common type of upper garment, in which you will get to place their main pastime, which is less you can go in dreskontrol favorite of the bar or restaurant. After all, as something inconvenient for the power to the Europeans, when some of our compatriots, «tough» ski suit, but without skis, or in a candid bikini noted in some of Nice’s restaurant or Kurzhaveli, a regular holiday, such as the New year or Easter.

In view of this, the upcoming travels and your wardrobe should be thought through a few steps forward. Especially this option should be taken into account if on a regular holiday you are going not alone or with your girlfriend, but the whole family. In this case, it’s about the moment when clothes are for a boy. After all, it is this gender, the category of adolescents at any time trying to get into any extreme situation. Like the one that clumsily fall into the nearest puddle or break off the ski suit, climbing the next favorite spruce.