The best from Park Hotel Brighton

According to the data published by the Russian Department of Economic Development Statistics, in the capital of the Russian Federation last year there were 2,700 officially registered cafes and restaurants. At the same time, if this number is transferred to the number of seats for one thousand inhabitants, the figure in 47 is clearly below the similar figure in any average city in America or France, where domestic 47 seats per one thousand inhabitants should be increased in two or two half times.

Perhaps, based precisely on the availability of such a deficit, in the Brighton Park Hotel Park, vacant seats are available only at the time when general cleaning is carried out in its halls.

Park Hotel Brighton

To say that the Park Hotel Brighton is included in the category of «Best Hotels of the Capital» is perhaps not worth it, since all sorts of ratings conducted by various agencies can not objectively evaluate the particular charms of a particular hotel or restaurant. After all, restaurant business, as well as managing the hotel business is not a job or a kind of hobby, it is, above all, art.

So, in this respect Park Hotel Brighton is just worth a visit and a little look around and get used to its entourage and the general atmosphere that is not created by furniture, wallpaper and luxurious chandeliers, but the complex of all this and above all the people who did it all. After all, even the fact that the hotel offers its guests a free transfer of their own car, not only from the airport and back, but also from the hotel and to the nearest metro station and naturally and back. And then a simple call to the reception is enough. In the same way, you can book any free room or table in the restaurant.

Rooms and kitchen

Despite the fact that the hotel does not have luxury apartments the size of a football field and huge beds with canopies, all the rooms of Brighton are pretty cozy and well-groomed, and offer a full set of European services, which takes into account almost everything a person needs to relax in a foreign city. And this is not only the central system of ventilation and air conditioning, and has become a classic Wi-Fi for free giving access to the world of the Internet, but also orthopedic mattresses with a full set of hypoallergenic pillows. In addition, satellite TV can be seen not only lying on the bed, but sitting in a fairly comfortable leather chair.