The magic world of travel in the lens of your Canon

One of the small features of our time is the fact that our main motive for buying a camera is the desire to capture the most unforgettable moments of a particular journey, to some other world, slightly different from ours. And this can be not only a planned voyage to some exotic country of foreign countries, but also a trip for a city or a village to your beloved grandmother.

The world we are looking at

It is worth noting that modern progress in the field of photography has allowed us to get rid of not only the fascinating process of manifestation of a 36-millimeter film in a classic cistern, but also from an equally interesting process of printing photographs. And if the digital photo has saved us from this noble routine, but it did not save us from the more pleasant sensation associated with the photo, namely to give them to our friends and acquaintances.

And if you look at many online blogs devoted to travel or tourism, you can see that a significant part of the photographs presented there are devoted to such a theme as rest in Europe. Perhaps this trend is due to the fact that Europe, in all its diversity of climatic zones and cultures is the most attractive model. And it is quite possible that such an abundance of pictures is caused by the fact that most of our compatriots prefer to have a rest in Europe, and the desire to take pictures of everything that they see around themselves is already a habit or a vital necessity.

In addition, it should be noted that the growth in the number of photos submitted by users on the Internet, some explain the fact that to date almost all mobile phones are equipped with a camera. And it’s natural that not using such a property of your gadget would be unforgivable.

«Selfie» — a new direction in photography

It is noteworthy that lately the whole world, represented on the Internet, has been carried away by such a peculiar direction in the field of photography as «selfie», which is one of the varieties of a self-portrait executed on a mobile phone or digital camera. At the same time, the Selfie has become so popular that not only young people, but also wealthy businessmen and politicians, are interested in Selfie. And the most original pictures of such a plan are obtained when the camera, the same canon, as it should be, for the selfie, is on the outstretched hand of the photographer, and the synchronous flash for canon is located at a certain distance from the photographed object. Here, try, the number of views of such a snapshot, laid out in the network, will simply go off scale.