The best rest in the world is fishing in January in the suburbs

And if anyone does not agree with this inference, it is highly recommended to get acquainted with those residents of the capital and its suburbs who simply do not represent themselves, during this period of the year without ice drills, good boots and everything else that is associated with ice fishing.

How to organize ice fishing as the best holiday in the world

After all, if you consider the whole process of ice fishing in more detail, it is not just the acquisition of all the necessary gear, mormys and warm clothes. In most cases this kind of fishing will not bring much pleasure, because besides the fact that the catch will be zero or at best minimal. In this case, this kind of rest can not be said that this is the best holiday in the world. After a long stay in nature in some cases can lead to some colds or chronic rheumatism.

With this in mind, the same fishing in January in the suburbs requires a very definite preparation. First of all, it is necessary to «feed» the place chosen by you in the summer. And for this, at least it is necessary to have some boat, perhaps the same as that you use in the summer. In this case, if all this is organized as paid fishing in the suburbs, then for a certain fee this, the preliminary process you will be guaranteed by the provider of this service. But all the other results of this, supposed for the winter travel period will depend only on you and your luck, like a real fisherman. And if you still do not have enough experience and a certain theoretical preparation, today there are a lot of resources on the Internet that offer a full amount of information on this subject.

Winter ice fishing and safety measures

For some reason, among a large part of the townsfolk, the opinion has arisen that the world of ice-fishing fanatics basically consists of a few reckless people who, realizing the entire risk of their presence on the ice, go to this adventure for the sake of getting a small catch and a mass of thrills. In view of this, at least it is necessary to be prepared for any extreme situations that can occur on the ice.

In particular, do not organize your place at a great distance from your colleagues on ice fishing. And in case of the fact that the ice floe on which you were stationed, for one reason or another, it simply tore off and started to carry away from the shore, think that at least you would have the means of communication with the personnel of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations.