The world in the focus of Sony lenses

To date, among many travelers, this kind of active recreation, namely safari, has got quite a wide distribution, but not with a hunting rifle, but with a good camera. At the same time, the world that opens to you through the camera lens becomes more open and accessible.

The digital world of cameras Sony is the best choice of amateur and professional

To date, it is rather difficult to say in which sector of the economy Sony did not achieve significant achievements. Starting in 1946, under the guidance of two talented engineers Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuko, already in 1950 struck almost the whole world with its portable successor «TR-63» assembled on the first transistors. Although the TR-63 was quite difficult to call a «pocket radio,» Sony’s marketing department found a rather original solution, sewing special shirts for its salespeople, whose patch pockets were slightly larger than the usual pockets and could fit the radio.

A bit later, in the seventies and eighties of the last century, Sony conquered continents such as Europe and North America, its Walkman compact cassette players, who for many years defined the main trends in the development of portable audio equipment.

However, the most successful for Sony was in 1990, when only this year the company introduced more than five hundred unique developments in the field of audio, video recording and playback, as well as developing the first prototype of its PlayStation gaming console. But to no lesser extent the company impressed its fans with its cameras, which are represented on the market by a rather wide line of both film, classical models and digital cameras (

Features of Sony cameras

For the first time, Asia and Europe saw Sony digital cameras in 1981, when the conceptual version of the Sony Mavica digital camera was introduced at an international exhibition in Hong Kong, which for many years became a standard in digital photography. And as a basis, the developers of Sony Mavica took the design of an ordinary mirror-type narrow-film camera, but instead of a film, the light flux was directed to a photosensitive matrix, the signal from which was recorded on a medium such as the «Video Floppy» disk, and the image from which it could only be viewed TV.

However, despite some noticing from the point of view of modern photographic equipment, «Sony Mavica» and its followers were a revolutionary step in this field.