The world of museums of St. Petersburg

Despite the fact that St. Petersburg has long become a kind of Mecca of tourism and travel, many of those who have repeatedly visited this city, at the first opportunity try to return and once again feel this fascinating world of the Northern Capital of the Russian state.

The world that opens this city

If you look on the Internet or buy a guide to St. Petersburg, then in all the submitted materials you can read only exclamations about certain sights of this city. However, despite the attractiveness of almost any route in it, sometimes there are some moments that can spoil the whole impression of what they saw, and the world of adventure can turn into a significant negative. And in this regard, the same Europe will seem a more favorable option for another trip than a voyage through the Northern capital. After all, according to many guests of St. Petersburg, the presence of a non-competent guide can spoil the whole impression of what they saw, no worse than the same bad weather.

So, if you are going to make a bus tour of St. Petersburg, try to look closely at who will conduct this excursion. In addition, river walks along the Neva and the city’s canals are very popular among the city’s guests. And this trip on a water tram through the canals Moika, Griboyedov and Fontanka, which traditionally begin from the Admiralty and the Palace Embankment. However, here you should pay attention to the weather when you are going to make such a walk. After all, even despite the fact that the water trams have indoor salons with large windows, but in cloudy weather, St. Petersburg does not look very good.

New routes of St. Petersburg

Among the existing sights of the city, recently some tour agencies offer bus routes, not to historical places of the city, but to new areas where in recent years quite a few new residential complexes have been built that differ in their rather original architecture. Among these new buildings can be called the LCD Winner, which is located in the Primorsky district of the city near the metro station Staraya derevnya. At the same time, one of the main features of this residential complex is the fact that its design used architectural solutions peculiar to such a continent as Asia, where new residential complexes contain almost all the infrastructure elements necessary for a person’s full life.