Bicycles for travel

If any of us remembers, but in the days of the former Soviet Union, the choice of bicycles was rather limited. Both by their type and by the models presented. To date, the situation has changed radically and for any trip you can choose almost anything that you like.

Bicycle tourism and travel in the Southern Urals

So it turns out, but for the most part of the fans of traveling through the territory of our fatherland, cyclists passing along one or another routes cause some not understanding of this kind of travel. After all, this kind of travel is associated with fairly large physical loads and the need to purchase reliable tourist equipment. After all, the world of bicycles intended for long trips, both on asphalt and dirt roads have their own specifics. And this can be seen once again by visiting the web page of such a resource as the company «Veligon», where a fairly good collection of accessories necessary for bicycle tourism is presented.

In addition, quite a few domestic tour operators offer specialized bicycles that not only pass along the tested routes, but also have control points, where you can not only relax after the passed route, but also repair your «iron» horse. And for this purpose, these halves have everything you need, not to mention an experienced instructor. And in this respect the most popular route is the route passing through the Southern Urals, stretching over three hundred kilometers, and running through the famous, mountain range Kvarkush. At the same time this route is suitable not only for lovers of multi-kilometer crossings, but also for those who prefer extreme sports on a mountain bike.

Mountain bikes and not only

Going to meet ever more diverse demands of the modern bicycle market, manufacturers of this technology pretty well expanded the range of products presented. So in particular, in addition to the fact that all bicycles are divided into two main types, and this is urban and cruise bicycles.

In addition, all bicycles are divided according to the type of brakes applied to them and the working diameter of the wheels. However, these differences significantly affect the value of a particular model. Although in this case, most buyers come up with such a concept as the optimal ratio of the price and quality of the bike. So, that the rest in the world of bicycles is quite diverse and fascinating.