Traveling from Moscow to the Northern Capital of Russia

Depending on what you are traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg, you need to determine at the very beginning of this trip with the kind of transport that will best allow you to make this trip.

Similar trips according to A.N. Radischeva

The older generation probably remembers that in the school curriculum of the past years we studied this unique work of our compatriot Aleksei Nikolaevich Radishchev, the former State Counselor at the court of Alexander I, who from some humane considerations wrote this legendary work for which he was exiled in Siberian reference. It is difficult to judge the literary merits of describing his journey, but for today this tourist tour does not look much different, and we can not get by on postal shifting.

However, if you try and find a suitable troika of horse horses and drive from Moscow to St. Petersburg, then this may be, perhaps, the best rest in the world, both at the cost of this voyage, and the number of impressions received. If we return to the present-day realities, to date, to reach the northern capital of Russia, there are three main means of transportation. And if you drop pedestrian crossings, travel by bike or on your own car, then the optimal options will remain:

  • comfortable long-distance bus, departing three times a day,
  • Aviation flight
  • and travel on the «Red Arrow» or «Sapsan».

So, as we see, it is possible to repeat the path of our great compatriot in several variants, somewhat different in their cost and duration. And to choose, this or that tour to St. Petersburg from Moscow, you can almost in any travel agency located near your place of residence.

And we choose airplanes

The airplanes AEROFLOTO, TRANSAERO or other aviation company will on average cost you five thousand rubles both ways and the presence in the air for not more than an hour and a half if the truth is lucky with the weather and you will not be «fed» with promises in Pulkovo or Sheremetyevo- 2 send you in the direction within the next 24 hours. However, the European Airbus A 320 is less fond of weather conditions, and can fly out even in heavy rain or snow. But remember that on the way, you will not be hot-fed, but then the whole world will be in front of you if you are lucky with cloudiness.