The world of credit cards from ATMs

No one today will argue that using a credit card is quite convenient, because the whole world has been using them for more than a decade. However, this topic has its own nuances, which everyone should know about who uses this banking service.

When the world learned about a plastic credit card

It so happened that America, much earlier than us, living on one-sixth of the planet, learned about all the charms of a credit card. And if someone assumes that the date of this event is considered the middle of the last century, then this is completely wrong. For the first time the credit card was used by the American firm Mobil Oil or more known as the General Petroleum Corporation of California, back in 1914, to arrange payment for oil products of its customers. In those years credit cards were not plastic, but were made of ordinary, dense cardboard, on which all data about customers were squeezed out with a special device. At the same time, credit cards or, more correctly, Mobil Oil cards were their own production and were naturally used only within the framework of this enterprise.

However, the world does not stand still and this idea was successfully picked up by the company Farrington Manufacturing, whose headquarters was located in Boston. And these other commodity cards were also not plastic, but were made of metal, and to register the fact of payment was inserted into a special machine, similar to a cash register. But the plastic cards with a magnetic strip the whole world saw only in 1975, when the French inventor Roland Morin registered a patent for his invention. And it was from this moment until such a service as «credit cards online application» was just not a big step, when the same Internet became less exotic phenomenon, and ATM «VISA» and «MasterCard» became a common attribute of any supermarket.

Be careful, because fraudsters are possible

However, despite decent conveniences when using plastic card, this or that bank or credit service in this process, there were also negative moments about which the same Europe first learned. Namely, over time, plastic cards, as a means of electronic settlements, became more accessible to scammers who, with the help of certain devices, not only learned the PIN they needed, but could also steal your card directly from the ATM. So, if you happen to have such a trouble, immediately notify your bank’s employees and block all operations on the lost card.