Tourism and sightseeing of Kharkov

If you go to the south of Ukraine, towards its Black Sea coast, then in any case, the second capital of this state, you will hardly get round Kharkov bypass. It should be noted that tourism for this city is no less important direction of its development.

Tourism is not only a business, but also a credo of many Kharkiv citizens

With its area of ​​three hundred and fifty square kilometers and the population of a little less than one and a half million inhabitants, Kharkiv remained for a long time, and remains one of the largest cultural and scientific centers not only of the former USSR, but also of the current Near Abroad. Only here you can buy the best flowers in Kharkov. In addition, it is worth noting that in the city there is one of the oldest educational institutions, which was founded in 1805, by the order of His Imperial Majesty, Kharkov State University where more than two hundred and fifty students study.

However, this is not the most important thing, as tourism for this city in terms of its achievements and attractions. After all, Kharkov is more famous for its scientific and production potential. And this is the Kharkov plant named after Malyshev, which, in addition to popular wheeled tractors with the KhTZ brand, produced world-famous armored vehicles such as the T-64 and T-72, superior in technical and tactical parameters, the most modern tanks of Western European production . In addition, it is worth mentioning such an enterprise in Kharkov as the Electromash Plant, which produces unique turbine designs for nuclear power plants, as well as electric motors for various equipment of rolling mills and walking excavators.

The sights of the city are more famous for their cultural centers, such as museums and theaters. And this is the Kharkiv National Academic Theater named after Lysenko, who collected a magnificent troupe of professionals, as well as the Academic Theater of Musical Comedy.

Ecological tourism and travel slobozhanshchiny

And the most remarkable moment of the tourist business of recent time is such direction as ecological tourism, which involves rest in the countryside. Proceeding from this, in the Kharkov region enthusiasts of this movement organized several mini hotels that offered their guests real contact with life and the peculiarities of living in the countryside. And this is living in hotel rooms equipped as rural huts, as well as real contact with the life of the village family with all its features and traditions. So, that tourism and travel through the vastness of the Slobozhanshchina (Kharkov region) has its own prospects.