Traveling in Saint-Petersburg

Despite the fact that the Northern Capital of our Fatherland is well known to many travelers both from Russia and far abroad, but travels through this city always left the most bright and unforgettable impressions.

Nevsky Prospekt, as the beginning of any trip to St. Petersburg

If you first came to St. Petersburg, then in order to understand the essence of this city, it is necessary to begin acquaintance with him from the main street of Nevsky Prospekt. After all, this is not just the main street of the Northern capital, it is, as many residents of this city say, its soul. And although Nevsky Prospekt does not cross the whole of modern St. Petersburg, but all its four and a half kilometers pass through its most remarkable, historical part.

This distance from the famous Admiralty building to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, which, in addition to historical architectural monuments, is practically the main attraction of the city. So, for any visitor of the city, the journey through its history will begin and end exactly from Nevsky Prospekt.

However, in addition to architectural and historical monuments of St. Petersburg, among its attractions, many of its guests are called and its restaurants, which by and large represent the whole world of restaurant art. After all, every restaurant in St. Petersburg, this is a truly unique symbiosis of the architectural design of the interior and the achievements of the most exquisite cuisine.

Restaurant tourism in St. Petersburg

At the same time, for the most part, it’s not only big, fashionable restaurants for banquets, but also small, cozy restaurants where you can just sit and, as in the best traditions of Viennese restaurants, have a cup of aromatic coffee.

If you really need a small banquet in a restaurant, in order to celebrate the same family anniversary, then, according to many regulars of St. Petersburg restaurants, you will at least be surprised by the art of St. Petersburg chefs who value not only the brand of their institution, but also the brand of all chefs cooks of St. Petersburg. So, if you really decided to just mark your stay in this city or you are a fan of such a direction of gastronomy as restaurant tourism, then ordering a banquet in a restaurant will not be a big deal for you. But rest assured that you will not regret.