The deepest lake in the world

Lakes are like ponds scattered all over the planet. Sometimes the scale of such natural areas is surprising, especially when it comes to dimensions, and, of course, the deepest lake in the world — Baikal, requires attention. It is not necessary to be a desperate traveler or an extreme lover to get to know this world, especially as it can be done today without getting up from your own sofa.

The deepest lake in the world

Among the list of the largest lakes, choosing the deepest is easy. Leading positions in the list that answers the question, which is the deepest lake in the world, are occupied by two water bodies: Lake Baikal and Lake Ladoga, according to some assumptions. Determine the maximum depth of these natural zones can be based on mathematical research, the results of which are even in encyclopedias. So, the maximum depth of Lake Baikal is 1642 meters, and Lake Ladoga — 230 meters. Evaluating these data, the conclusion is involuntarily imposed that the deepest lake in the world is Baikal.

The deepest lake in the world Ladoga? …

Ladoga Lake is located in Russia, on the territory of the Republic of Karelia. And today on the Internet you can find information that the deepest lake in the world is supposedly the Ladoga Lake. The information is wrong! Unfortunately, this water reservoir can not compare in depth with Lake Baikal.

However, for some reason, many persistently believe that it is these water expanses (Ladoga Lake) that store the maximum existing depth under their own surface, in comparison with similar water bodies. Lake Ladoga really has several places where the depth corresponds to impressive parameters. Experts define more than ten such, although the maximum depth is equal to — 230 meters, and this agree, is not enough for the record. And even if compared with other water bodies such as, for example, the largest lake in the world — the Caspian Sea, then Ladoga is just «knee-deep» …

The deepest lake in the world Baikal

Lake Baikal is familiar to many Russians, not by hearsay. Such a natural zone is famous for its virgin beauty, here excellent fishing and an unforgettable vacation. And you can spend your leisure here, either alone or as a noisy company. Under its surface, the deepest lake in the world, Baikal, keeps a lot of surprises, and no one knows what is there, in the abyss of the lake. The deepest lake in the world is located on a beautiful terrain, in the eastern part of Siberia it is the largest reservoir of fresh and clean water.

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