Sony Cameras open the world

Since the moment when the video has become more accessible for many of us and the whole world has the opportunity to place on its screen a mobile phone or computer, each of us felt a bit like a real film director.

The world of movie masterpieces of our own production on YouTube

Until the moment when video cameras appeared on the shelves of our domestic stores that could record on videotape, our domestic Steven Spielbergs used ordinary domestic film cameras, which for the first time in the USSR appeared in 1957 thanks to the efforts of the Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Plant. Basically, these cameras had a mechanical drive for the motion of a spring-type film. So, in the first approximation, these cameras sometimes associated with alarms, which also had to be turned on each time with a special pen.

Now professional and amateur equipment can be bought here And then, it is worth noting that almost all cameras of the amateur format worked on a film eight millimeters wide with one-sided perforation. After all, it was on this format that the entire world of home cinema lovers took pictures. Although the same America preferred to shoot on a format of sixteen millimeters, because this film produced an image of a higher quality. However, this kind of movies had a number of significant shortcomings.

First of all, this is the durability of the footage and the lack of an opportunity to show the footage to a wider audience. However, with the recent appearance of digital video, as well as the Internet, everything has changed radically. After all, from a digital media you can watch your movie almost indefinitely, and the appearance in 2005 of an Internet service like YouTube, the audience of this or that video series has increased to these TV Shows with a multi-million audience of viewers.

Amateur video and its prospects

In addition to the fact that with the development of the Internet and a service like YouTube, the footage can be distributed almost on the scale not only of such a continent as Europe, but all over the world, some enthusiasts of this hobby began to create practically full-fledged television studios. They began to offer their viewers not only individual authorial videos of a few minutes, but also full-fledged work of a documentary or artistic plan.