The largest sea in the world

It is necessary to know that the largest sea in the world is Sargassovo. It is a real miracle of nature, and its area varies from eight to four million kilometers. This sea differs from others in that, instead of continents, it is restricted by currents. The sea has many secrets, and it is rumored that the water in it is stagnant. By the way, Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, and the biggest is the Caspian Sea …

The largest sea in the world — Sargassovo

Let’s look at the most interesting facts of this amazing puzzle of nature. The sea lies between Bermuda and the Leeward Islands. Its area varies and therefore it sways between 6-8 million km. The Sargasso Sea can be called a biological desert, but this is an incorrect statement. Here there are not only areas with algae, but also with clean water. The largest sea in the world became the dwelling for many creatures.

In particular, here you can see a sea clown. Algae in this sea float thanks to bubbles that resemble grapes. They are filled with gas and so the algae stay afloat. Sargazo in Spanish means grape variety, that’s where the name came from. For a long time the sea has attracted interest from seafarers, because there are a lot of legends and myths about it.

Interesting Facts

There are a lot of stories that a lot of ships have become entangled in the seaweed of the Sargasso Sea. Mists, seas of the sea create a mysterious atmosphere. This was noticed by Christopher Columbus, who swam past him and watched the phenomenon.

The largest sea is an excellent place for algae, because there are a lot of them. Even one torn piece can continue life on its own. Organisms here feed on algae, and plankton can not live here because of the high temperature. Most living organisms continue to exist here only because they know how to disguise themselves. A sea clown, for example, is of the same color as algae.

The largest seas in the world

Special interest in seafarers is caused by the largest seas in the world, because they are full of secrets. For example, Sargassovo attracts its view and a lot of algae. Interesting is the fact that the water in the Sargasso Sea is warm. This affects the fact that the spawn here comes eels. If you are concerned with the question of which sea is the largest in the world, then the answer is obvious — the warm Sargasso Sea.

It is also the largest in the area of ​​the sea, and its depth is 6-7 km. Once upon a time this sea was very clean, but recently water is contaminated with fuel oil, because there are harmful substances from all over the ocean. And no matter how sad it sounded, but there is more oil and fuel oil in this sea than Sargasses … well, maybe a little less than the largest ocean in the world has — Quiet …