Some popular hotels in the world

Many ask the question, how the price affects the quality of service at the hotel. The answer to this question is obvious and lies on the surface. The price justifies the quality and the one who believes that this is not so, is deeply mistaken. Let’s look at some of the most popular hotels in the world.

Popular hotels in Europe

Hotels are classified by asterisks and in case if due to 5 — the price of the hotel increases. The asterisks show how well the hotel can accommodate its visitors and whether it has everything necessary to provide comfort to each guest. Dear popular hotels provide the highest quality services, and this is a fact.

The Royal Penthouse Suite in Geneva is happy to welcome visitors wishing to travel around Europe like real kings. For $ 33,000 each client receives at their disposal luxury apartments with everything you need for a great holiday. The best room is on the top floor, and its owner gets 4 chic and spacious rooms, as well as a magnificent view from the window. Near the hotel there is a large number of expensive and branded shops, as well as prestigious restaurants, where guests can have a great time.

Royal Villa offers its clients a break on the coast of Greece. This hotel is not in vain included in the list of «The most expensive hotels in Europe». Perhaps, for someone, the amount for bitch in the room will seem incredible, but for a vacation of this level you can lay out 50,000 dollars. There is everything for the pleasure of customers. Various saunas, a heated pool, well-equipped rooms — all this is received by the hotel visitor. The rooms are designed in a marine style, so that the feeling of freshness will not leave customers for a minute.

Here you can note the hostel on Bratislava in Moscow. Convenient location and excellent quality of service, like you are somewhere in Germany or the UK. But purely Russian hospitality and hospitality, which is not in other countries.

Luxury hotels in USA

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. Las Vegas and attracts tourists with its cheerful atmosphere. For a whole day, the city shines with lights, is rich in various entertainment and interesting places in America, it just calls to have fun. This hotel offers its visitors a room for $ 40,000, which includes a doorman, as well as various equipment and a jacuzzi. Here the ceiling is made of glass, which gives a special charm to the room of a chic look, and the entire interior is made in the style of Playboy.

Ty Warner Penthouse is located in Manhattan in the famous New York. The city itself impresses everyone who has ever heard of it. If you did visit him, Ty Warner Penthouse will gladly accept guests for $ 34,000. This amount includes a butler, as well as various benefits, without which a person living in a metropolis can not live. From the hotel window you can see the whole of New York, as in the palm of your hand.