The biggest country in the world

With the advent of the Internet, people did not argue less, and even naooborot. Someone wondered which is the largest desert in the world? And someone wants to know which state is the largest in the world. Our world is very peculiar and interesting in terms of cultures, there are 233 independent states on the planet. Well, if it is considered formally, in reality, each country is closely connected economically, politically, and so on.

The largest territories of the countries of the world — the leading four

It should be noted that there are two categories to which the notion «the largest country in the world» is divided. The first and, perhaps, the most significant category is the area, the second most important — the population of the country.

By area, the largest country in the world is, of course, Russia, its territory for 2014 is a length of km² — 17,124,442 and rightfully leads, ranking first in our rating. Russia is at the same time in Europe and Asia.

The second place in the rating, Canada — territorially the state occupies 9 984 670 km ². In third place China — the state of East Asia, the area of ​​which is 9 598 077 km ² (considering Macau and Hong Kong). In the fourth place of the United States, considering the area of ​​territorial waters is 9 826 675 km ², so the states did not rank third.

Interesting facts for reference: the total area of ​​the largest countries in the world amounts to 46 533 864 km ². That’s how summarizing the largest territories of the countries of the world, a fairly serious figure is obtained.

What is the largest country in the world in terms of population?

  1. China with its population of 1.349 billion people.
  2. India has 1.22 billion people.
  3. USA — with its population of 316.6 million people.
  4. Indonesia has 251.1 million people.

And this is only the population of China itself, but we all know that people of this nationality live in any country and in large numbers. There is an opinion that soon the whole Earth will be filled with Chinese and products of their production. But the longest river in the world is in a fairly large country — Brazil.

The population of the world’s largest countries in the total amount is about 3 billion people. It remains only to draw conclusions that the Earth, on which we live a large and numerous. And do not get depressed, knowing that on the planet there are billions of people with similar problems. Now you know exactly what the largest country in the world is both by area and by population. It’s good to be educated, the Internet is your help.