The most unusual and popular hotels in the world

Recently, a person needs something new, different from the ordinary. The usual rest is already boring, and in search of new sensations many go to have a rest in the most unusual and popular hotels of the world.

The original hotels of the world

In order to feel special, you should go to rest in such places, especially as various travel companies offer such trips. Although in Russia there is something to surprise, for example, take Novokuznetsk hotels in the Kemerovo region.

Fans of the cold season will be able to have a great rest in Hôtel de Glace in Canada and feel a pleasant chill, because it is made of ice. The construction of such a hotel lasts 40 days. Here everything consists of ice, but despite this, there are various cafes, bars, and even a chapel. The most interesting is that, despite the fact that the hotel consists of unusual material, and therefore it is much colder than other popular hotels in the world, a lot of tourists want to visit this place. A surprising combination of seemingly uninhabitable space and comfort in a single hotel.

The Turkish city of Cappadocia is popular with its Gamirasu Cave Hotel. During the time of Byzantium there were monastic shelters. There is a mountain river nearby. The hotel has 25 rooms for those who want to relax in the highlands. The hotel harmoniously combines a modern interior with a lot of marble, and perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the past. The beautiful mountain air allows you to feel free and retire from nature. Unusual landscapes and a raging river create a magnificent atmosphere.

Popular Asian Hotels

Imperial Boat House is located in Thailand on the site of a rice barge. This is a real paradise. Even in photographs, the island attracts attention. Plants that are present here create a paradise for visitors. This is the place where you can go on vacation together or together with the whole family. Beautiful water entertainment will please not only children, but adults. The island allows you to connect with nature and feel part of it. Rest in Asia, in such a place will gain strength and energy, and fresh air helps to get out of the polluted city. Newlyweds can spend their honeymoon here, and families can perfectly relax with their children.

Capsule Inn is located in Tokyo. The hotel presents to the attention of customers rooms in the form of small bunkers, in which there is nothing to do except mattress, radio, light and TV. The shower and toilet are shared here. For those who are looking for new sensations, it is perfect for relaxing, but only if you do not suffer from claustrophobia. This hotel is well suited for those who like minimalism, because the small size of the room and a minimum of items save the guest from unnecessary things. Here you can stay alone and think about the meaning of life, as well as being isolated from time to time from the outside world. Capsules give the opportunity to stay without obsessive neighbors and quietly spend time in silence. For those who do not like the silence, there is a radio in the room that will entertain the visitor a little.