Baseball Fred Perry and its destination

Despite its characteristic name, Fred Perry’s baseball cap is not the only destination. Let’s see who and when it can be worn. Firstly, as the name suggests, these headgear are popular among athletes and primarily baseball players, so this model was popularized in the US, in the homeland of the game, although it should not be forgotten that the prototypes, both games and headgear were traced in the French and British manuscripts.

In this role, the baseball cap acts, and as a reliable headpiece, protecting from the bright sun, and as a stylish accessory, which can identify the players belonging to a particular team. For this purpose, a logo or a special color scheme is placed on the front side of the baseball cap. Therefore, the principle is worn by baseball caps sports fans, fans in the stands, where the color and logo of the baseball cap can find out for which team they are sick.

But sporting purpose is not the only role of a baseball cap. We all remember how its prototypes (capes, caps, army caps, caps and other hats with a visor) were actively used among servicemen as part of the uniform.

Thirdly, back in the middle of the last century, about a decade after the end of World War II, a male baseball cap was actively entered into the wardrobe of the civilian population. Here it was used simply as a stylish attribute and a headpiece covering the face from the sun, and especially relevant for people whose work or profession is associated with a permanent presence on the street.

Men’s baseball caps became relevant for use not only in the city, but also on the beach, where they were perfectly combined with beachwear, slates, sandals and flip flops. Of course, in these cases it is better to choose light cotton models with breathable properties in summer. This is generally a very necessary summer accessory, both in the city and outside it, if you do not want to earn a sunstroke. He is well tempered on rest, including climbing, near water bodies, when floating along rivers.

Finally, manufacturers increasingly began to produce in their collections warm baseball caps for the cold season. Of course, in winter the headpiece should cover the ears, if you are not by car, but in autumn, spring and cool summer, a baseball cap made of natural wool is quite useful. Such models can be found in the British manufacturer Fred Perry in the base collection.