Journey to the world of swimming pools

In not so far away, the presence of a home pool was almost beyond reach, and the world of water entertainment at the same dacha was at least limited to simply pouring from a hose connected to a water main. However, times change.

An affordable world of home pools

After the availability of more affordable construction materials in the domestic market for the construction of any hydraulic structures at home, and this applies not only to swimming pools, but also to water, storage pools and other reservoirs, enthusiasts of this trend have a fairly large number of followers .

First of all, it concerned swimming pools built in a land pit and located near the Russian bathhouse or next to a country house, for water procedures during the hot season or after a regular visit to the steam room. With this in mind, the water world of our compatriots has stopped limiting itself to a home bath and visiting a public swimming pool on a monthly subscription. And, rest and health of our person became more substantial and filled with new impressions.

However, the pools of this type were quite labor intensive, both during its construction and during operation. In addition to the fact that in its very design it was necessary to take into account both the rather large static loads of the water column of the basin and the seasonal temperature differences. In addition, any pool of this type is often necessary to be cleaned, both from atmospheric debris and from products of natural rotting of water. Proceeding from these features, many manufacturers of equipment for swimming pools began to offer on the market more versatile and efficient designs, both the pools themselves, and the equipment necessary for its maintenance.

Modern view of the arrangement of home pools

First of all, if we talk about stationary pools built in the ground, it is worth noting such modern constructions as pools of solid construction made of reinforced polymeric material based on acrylic. In this case, the main costs of its construction were associated with the excavation of the soil, under the pit of the required size.

With more simplified schemes for arranging a home pool, today it is worth noting the so-called «skeleton» designs of swimming pools, which are quite simply equipped on any more or less level ground. And, the presence of a solid polymer shell determined not only the necessary depth of the home pool, but also its safety during operation.