Buy a knife business card at a wholesale price in «Nozhemir»

In the market of goods not so long ago appeared a very stylish accessory for men — knife business card. It is made of durable steel alloy. His wrought-iron blade has laser sharpening.

The knife is designed by a team of specialists from Iain Sinclair. The designers of this company more than once amazed buyers with their ideas. After creating an interesting knife, they won even greater popularity, especially among men. After all, the product is a non-standard approach and quality cut. Sellers often seek to buy a business card knife in bulk, as this product is perfectly sold out.

In appearance, it resembles a plastic card, but this is only before pressing the sliding mechanism. In a moment it turns into a comfortable knife that will help solve a thousand problems.

What is it?

The appearance of CardSharp is very effective in the folded and unfolded state. A compact model fits in a purse and at the right time will help out in the circumstances. Material for him was chosen the most suitable:

-the case is made of durable plastic;

-for the blade, surgical steel is selected.

The length of the blade is 6.5 sm, the thickness is slightly less than 3 mm. In disassembled condition, the knife has dimensions: 145×35 mm. In the assembled state it occupies an area of 85×55 mm and does not exceed the size of a standard credit card.

How to use?

It’s very easy to use this model. It is only necessary to bend the edges of the plastic card to the middle of the folds. The edges turn into a pen, and the rest is converted into a blade. To ensure that the handle was sturdy and stable, the developers provided special fasteners. They securely fix the handle and give it strength.

High quality in every detail

Each element of the knife-business card is thought out to trifles. Great design leaves no doubt. The quality of the material also gives an excellent impression of its use.

The handle is made of high-tech propylene, which does not injure the hand even if the knife is used for a long time. The blade is sharp enough to cut wood, rubber and any food. Folding mechanism is very durable and durable.

Storage of the product will bring only positive emotions, since automatic opening is excluded. It is absolutely safe in the assembled state.

Where to buy the original CardSharp

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