Bravofriends — travel with friends

Recently, in connection with some financial situations, many of our compatriots prefer to spend their trip in a budgetary mode. After all, for substantially less money you can get practically the same pleasures as traveling in business class.

Traveling with Bravofriends is not only profitable, but also interesting

To date, in the field of rendering any services, a fairly large number of services have appeared that, in one form or another, significantly simplify your journey around the world or the acquisition of any thing you need. Service Bravofriends, refers specifically to such an area for the organization of tourist or business flights on the airplanes of airlines operating in the «low cost» system, which guarantees its customers flights with reasonable comfort at the minimum cost of the air ticket.

A bit about the service itself

The Internet portal Bravofriends offers all its participants to purchase air tickets for low cost airlines with reasonable discounts, by charging you a certain number of bonuses that are not only granted for the next flight on the plane, but also for attracting friends to the Bravofriends service system, such same, proponents of travel economy class.

So, in particular, the minimum bonus accrued to you by a virtual account right after registration on the Bravofriends service is 20 euros. So, if, after registering for the service, you immediately fly to Paris one of the airlines, partners of Bravofriends, then your ticket will definitely «ease» this witty amount. And the maximum number of bonuses that can be obtained by participating in this service, according to its conditions, can amount to no more than 250 euros, which can be quite sufficient for a free flight on the route you have chosen. At the same time the motto of the Bravofriends service «Fly free» becomes quite real.

What does that require

At the very beginning you just need to register on the Bravofriends website and after receiving your individual number you can start accumulating discounts for the upcoming trip. And in order that the number of received bonuses gradually approach the coveted amount of 250 euros, it is enough to invite your friends and acquaintances to Bravofriends, for each of which you receive a minimum of 1 euro, and your friend or acquaintance, after registration has the same, first the prize is 20 euros.

To attract your friends and acquaintances to the service, today there are many opportunities. Starting from direct mailing of invitations by e-mail and ending with social networks of the world Internet. In this case, using the bonuses received is as easy as earning them. Having received the corresponding voucher from Bravofriends service, you are going to one of the partner companies and receive your treasured air ticket to the country of pleasures and adventures.