The best rest in the world: restaurant and hotel business

It is difficult to imagine any trip without having to sit in a cozy restaurant after finishing the same pedestrian crossing or successful fishing, and then fall asleep in a hotel room. Many travelers believe that this is the best holiday in the world, regardless of whether this restaurant or hotel is located in Bali or in the Moscow region.

How to organize the best rest in the world

If you try to answer this question briefly, then first of all you need to determine the budget of this project. And although it does not depend much on it, for organizing the best rest in the world, but this factor is decisive in the sense that you will go to this weekend to fish in the suburbs, or you will stay at home watching the latest tourism news on TV.

However, if you have the opportunity to pay at least a double room in the hotel of the same Golden Ring of Russia, then do not hesitate long, but go to the nearest travel agency and purchase a tourist tour depending on your capabilities and preferences. And do not be particularly upset if it is not the Galapagos Islands or the Maldives.

Traveling, do not forget, it’s delicious to eat

One way or another, but the questions of the meal arise not only on weekdays, but also when you are on a regular vacation. It’s just a natural necessity for any person, especially if it’s delicious. And if you are a resident of Moscow or a guest of the capital, then we strongly recommend that you visit one of the last restaurant premieres of this city, the Dragon Temple restaurant.

Classics of Japanese and Chinese cuisine

However, if you are also a fan of Chinese or Japanese cuisine, then obviously you will like it, not only traditional rolls or sushi, but also other culinary masterpieces of chefs from the «Temple of the Dragon». Namely this is the famous «Peking duck» or the same carp without pits under a sweet-lemon sauce. In addition, if you are an admirer of Asian exotics, then in the restaurant menu there is not only a stew of frog or eel meat, but also cold snacks made from the crab or flying fish. And in this case you can not doubt, all the ingredients of these dishes are always the freshest, and delivered last flight from the central market of Beijing.

No less attractive in the «Temple of the Dragon» and wine card, which is represented by the most real and traditional alcoholic beverages in China and Japan. And if you do not like strong drinks, insisted on all kinds of living creatures or arthropods, then in the «Temple of the Dragon» you can order more traditional drinks, such as the same «Baijiu», in fact this is the same vodka, but made from sorghum grains and has a fortress slightly more than 40%.