Holidays in Thailand: what to do in Pattaya

Thailand is considered one of the world’s recognized leaders of the tourism industry. The number of tours to Thailand is growing day by day, and more and more people are eager to visit this affable exotic country. Each city in it has its own unique color and charm, but still, the most popular resort among tourists is Pattaya.

According to statistics, tours to Pattaya make up the lion’s share of all proposals in this direction. The thing is that having a pleasant climate, developed tourist infrastructure and a lot of entertainment cents, this resort region attracts tourists from all over the world. Many are convinced that Pattaya is the epoch of sex tourism and beach recreation. In this amazing place, each person will find, than brighten up their pastime.

Entertainment and Leisure in Pattaya

Beach vacation and sightseeing in Pattaya for most holidaymakers will be interesting only during the first visit. If the tourist plans to make his tour to Pattaya as captivating as possible, he will be able to add variety to his vacation with the following entertainments:

Local kitchen. All lovers of interesting and unusual cooking are advised to visit local restaurants of national cuisine and try a variety of goodies. For the most impressionable during tasting it is better to close your eyes, because the menu includes fried scorpions, marinated insect larvae and grasshoppers. For those who prefer more traditional dishes, Thai cuisine has prepared a lot of seafood, hot sauces and soups.

Water activities. In Pattaya, you can enjoy a variety of water attractions: banana, kayak, wakeboarding and others. It is worth noting that the cost of these entertainment is low.

Cosmetology and self-care. Buy a tour to Thailand from Ufa and do not enjoy Thai massage — a real blasphemy. Here the ratio of price and quality will significantly prevail over similar services in our country. Also worth noting that in Thailand, inexpensive, but at the same time, quality cosmetics. Therefore, representatives of the weaker sex will be happy to replenish their cosmetic supplies.

Going on a trip to distant Thailand, it is necessary to try to take all the best from vacation. Do not sit in the hotel room for days or spend time in the morning and evening on the beach. This exotic country will find than surprise visitors! Do not hesitate: it’s enough to buy last-minute passes — and go on vacation of your dreams!