Traveling the world: alone or with a tour operator?

Before you go on a trip around the world, the question arises before a person: to make an independent trip or to use the services of local agents to buy a ready tour and not to worry about the numerous nuances. In fact, each of the ways of travel has both its pluses and minuses. Let’s analyze both types of tourism and determine the choice.

Travel around the world with a tour operator

The main advantage, when you choose a trip around the world with a tour operator, is a lot of offers and there is no need to draw up numerous documents. You need to come to the agency, choose the right direction, fill out the documents and wait until everything is ready. To buy a tour, you need to spend only twenty minutes, and if your trip is made to a visa-free country, you can go home, pack your bags and go to the next flight to fly out for a vacation. Agree that this approach to the case looks very attractive and carefree.

Choosing a list of offers on the site, you get a huge number of tours to choose from. At any time of the year you can choose ski holidays, beach or sightseeing. Do not forget that in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cuba, Thailand, Egypt and other countries, the sun shines every year, and the sea practically does not cool down. Africa annually offers ski resorts and fascinating trips through the savannah, where you will see wild animals. Today there are a huge number of proposals and it remains only to choose the right one.


Among the minuses of an independent trip is to highlight the preparation of documents and increased attention during the trip. Choosing ready tours, you usually find yourself in a safe environment and you do not have to worry about yourself. During a self-guided tour, you need to think through your own route. However, the main advantage of such a trip is free movement. You will visit the most secluded corners of the planet and see what the ordinary tourist will never see. This of course attracts most of the tourists and encourages them to such trips.

Tourism is actively developing around the world and this is facilitated by modern technology and vehicles. Another 50-70 years ago, such movements could be made by a few people and the movement between countries and continents took much longer.