The Popularity of excursions to Kazan

The desire to spend a vacation in distant overseas countries is very commendable. It is necessary for a person to get acquainted with other cultures, etc. But the craving for distant shores is gradually decreasing, and in some cases there is none.

This is due in part to possible difficulties with passport and visa regimes, unwillingness to deal with execution of documents, or pay for this service to travel agencies. Sometimes the cause of frustration is the mismatch between the television and the advertising picture with reality. For example, many Japanese tourists fall into a state of shock from the real view of Paris, completely inconsistent with the replicated paintings.

An important role is played by reluctance to communicate with flights. It is for such people that bus tours to Kazan are offered. Relatively close location, habitual and safe mode of transportation, moderate prices — this only partially explains the popularity of this type of tourism. Add a lack of problems with documents and civilizational shock from an alien language environment, normal acclimatization, etc.

Of the above, the shock of civilization is partly possible. It’s hard to believe that such architectural beauty was created not in distant countries, but quite near.

Meetings with the wonders of the region are helped by excursions to Kazan. Among the most popular and compulsory (for aesthetic and culturological reasons) to visit are:

Kazan Kremlin. The main cultural and architectural complex of the city. Its centuries-old ensemble is favorably supplemented by modern buildings.

Tower Syuyumbike. Mysterious structure, girdled with a lot of legends and stories, which will tell the visitors an experienced guide. This tower is a close, though slightly younger, sister of the world-famous Falling Tower in Italian Pisa.

Museum of all religions. A masterpiece of modern architectural architecture, nevertheless, perfectly inscribed in the complex of the Kazan Kremlin.

Here are listed only the most important Kazan attractions. Really there are a lot more of them and they are all capable of capturing the imagination of a tourist.

After a leisurely (relatively) travel by bus, participants are welcomed by comfortable Kazan hotels. Living conditions at a high level. In addition to excursions, a free program is also offered, depending on the wishes of the tourists.

Children’s or adult tours are offered, as well as combined.