Last minute tours. Huge selection and affordable price

Hot tours appear almost in every tour operator. The fact is that the operator, as a rule, buys out a certain number of vouchers in advance, predicting in this way the demand for this or that direction. However, it is far from always possible to guess with 100% probability the popularity of a particular tour. In addition, there are many force majeure circumstances: revolutions, natural disasters, bad weather. In addition, it happens that for certain reasons, 2-3 people refuse to travel. In this way, there remain vouchers that have already been paid for by the operator, but they have not been redeemed by customers. In order not to remain at a loss, the travel agencies arrange a kind of sale called «burning tours».

The main advantage of such permits is their lower price. The cost of it can be cheaper by 20-30% of the cost of a regular voucher. The client can buy from the travel agency a similar tour only 2-3 days before departure. The more «hot» voucher, the cheaper the price. However, in some travel agencies, tours begin to «burn» for 5-7 days before departure. But mostly it is in countries with a visa-free regime. Where the visa regime is valid, such permits appear in 10 days, since for such trips you need time to issue a visa.

In the «burning» round, as in the usual one, the client has tickets in two directions, a paid room in the hotel and medical insurance. Sometimes some companies offer a bonus for a quick sale, for example, a free massage or a city tour.

As a rule, in large cities there are well-developed networks for the sale of «hot» tours. Therefore, if the client does not approach any direction, he can quickly find himself the right tour. In addition, now such information can be found on the Internet.

Of course, one should understand that such tours do not suit every traveler. Most often, people who have free time or can organize unscheduled holidays are buying last-minute passes. The best vouchers, as a rule, are dismantled in the first place, but remain most often inexpensive with lower quality of services. Some agencies in connection with the urgency of departure can not always provide insurance against travel. In addition, in case of refusal of the «hot» tour, the tourist will not be able to receive money back. It is necessary to conclude contracts only with proven, long-established agencies, so as not to get on scammers who, under the guise of a burning tour, can sell a regular ticket at a higher price.

Useful information was prepared by the hospitable staff of the hotel in Odessa «Hermes».