Monuments Australia

Each country, popular with tourists, tries not only to honor its cultural and natural attractions, but also constantly create new ones, attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world. Modern giant monuments of Australia — a vivid example of this. They are not connected with the history of the country, and are mainly devoted to the life and unique nature of the continent.

Monuments of Australia: giant animal sculptures

Australia is a popular country for recreation of climbers, divers and other fans of extreme and active recreation. Natural monuments of Australia (botanical gardens in Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Geelong, Reptile Park in Sydney, butterfly reserve in Cairns, etc.) perfectly match the historical sights, as well as the works of modern authors. It is equally interesting for those who simply want to enjoy the beauty of the pristine nature and the richness of the mainland’s entertainment infrastructure.

In any country you can find unusual monuments to animals, objects of everyday life, cars, books or simply abstract sculptures. But Australia is a record country for such sights. Giant monuments of Australia annually attract hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers, fans of vivid photos and everything memorable. So, in Queensland just above the entrance to the restaurant is a huge monument to white perch, barramundi. like the sculpture itself at the entrance to the institution, and its menu is quite original. Here, tourists can taste dishes made from crocodile meat, kangaroos, etc.

Monuments of Australia: creative everyday life

Going to Kingston, you can see a seventeen-meter lobster imprinted in stone. The weight of the monument reaches four tons. It is located just at the entrance of the restaurant and is designed to attract visitors. The same unusual monument is located in the state of Victoria. A 14-ton sculpture in the form of a koala — a symbol of Australia. The height of the stone animal is 14 meters. In the middle of the monument there is a souvenir shop and a restaurant. No less original souvenir shop, equipped in a fifteen-meter monument to the Great Merino, is in New South Wales, in Gaulbum.

A ten-meter yellow banana in Harbour, New South Wales, pineapple in Queensland, a giant gold guitar in Tamworth, a huge ax over the tourist information center in Kew and even the advertising sculpture of a huge beer cane are not all the unusual monuments of Australia that attract modern tourists.

Sculpture Park

As some historians of landscape design say, the sculpture park, as one of the tendencies of creation of popular recreation…

Australia. Sanctuary potter

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