Waitomo Caves

In New Zealand, there is an island called North, which are notorious karst caves. Waitomo Caves, translated as «the water that passes through the hole.» According to scientists, who for many years trying to unravel the origin of caves, they are already more than 2 million years. These caves are not just a work of art, but also a masterpiece over which tried very nature of many centuries.

Waitomo Caves 2

For many years, this place was a master of the ocean itself. He created an interesting build-up of minerals such as limestone, as well as many moves, which is not yet known where the lead researchers. Now there are about 150 caves, which are still not fully explored.

Waitomo Caves 3

The most famous cave is here Glowworm. It has such beautiful creatures, like fireflies, which not only sanctified the borders of the cave, but also create the impression of a beautiful world. This is best seen at least once in your life, it’s just a dream of everyone who has ever heard of such an unusual place.

Waitomo Caves 4

We also know the fact that for many centuries, these caves were used Maori. But the Europeans managed to open the cave, only in the late 19th century. People here have started to let only since 1911. Who refuses to tour the 250-meter depth. Every year, in order to look at the beauty, it attracts more than half a million people. Besides the fact that there are fireflies here as you can see stalactites and stalagmites. And, unusually, this organ pipe and a limestone mine. But some draws an underground river rafting, this is one extreme, for which there is at least time to come here.

Waitomo Caves 5

An unforgettable trip to New Zealand, will not leave anyone indifferent, the main thing that is not so expensive to visit such a place. The historical value of large caves, as nature creates beauty for centuries, we humans really «love» to destroy. As applies to all do not care. Remember, because nature can not only create, but also to pick up, because is to appreciate what she gives us. Visiting the caves all year round and does not constitute any obstacles to come here and experience the miracle of breath.