New Zealand, the Blue Lake Crystal

New Zealand, is a state that is full of puzzles and mysteries. In it so much unknown, we can say that we do not yet know all about it. It inhabits this country more than 4 million people. But now, we want to talk about the beautiful Blue Lake Crystal.

New Zealand the Blue Lake Crystal 2

Until now, it is the champion of the world, and all because of visibility, or rather its transparency is 76 meters. If we compare, the visibility of distilled water is 80 meters. This lake is under strict protection and therefore it can neither swim nor wet feet or diving is strictly forbidden.

New Zealand the Blue Lake Crystal 3

Blue Lake Crystal is situated on the unique height of which is 1200 meters above sea level. The water in the lake comes from another reservoir, which is located slightly above its name — Constance. Clean it is ensured by the fact that it is pre-filtering of natural rocks. And the next day, the water in the lake is completely renewed. Even despite the fact that there are showers, which can contaminate the water in a short time, it recovers its original appearance itself.

New Zealand the Blue Lake Crystal 4

Maori tribes who live there, according to the sacred Blue Lake Crystal and when something is carried out rituals and ceremonies for the dead people. The only person who was allowed to spend here, an underwater survey was Klaus Thiemann. On the lake there is also a lot of lookouts, it is with them, you can view not only the beautiful view of the lake, and fish that are there.

New Zealand the Blue Lake Crystal 5

In general, said that the lake is beautiful, it’s nothing to say. Location is truly unique and mysterious, as have never been able to find water, which would be as pure as distilled water. See for yourself the beauty of this is necessary for each person on the planet would like to see such places was much more.