Interesting Places Australia

Unusual landscapes of pristine nature and numerous interesting places of Australia annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to the mainland. Of course, the main highlight of the country are the reserves and national parks, but also architectural creations, for example, the opera house in Sydney or the famous Harbor Bridge, also do not go unheeded.

What places should everyone see in Australia?

Australia — the sixth largest city in the world, located on the same continent in the southern hemisphere. This is a truly amazing country, fascinating with its beauty and natural riches. To see all the interesting places in Australia, and a few months will not be enough. List them is also quite difficult, so let’s name only the most noteworthy places in Australia.

Let’s start with the largest city on the mainland — Sydney. Here are the main places of interest in Australia, and in particular architectural sights. The most notable attraction is the Sydney Opera House. Its unusual architectural forms and giant dimensions are really impressive. The opening of the theater took place in 1973. It is also worth noting that the building was built for 14 years. In the theater there are thousands of rooms, many halls and even an open-air room. There can simultaneously go at once three performances.

Interesting places in Australia for tourists

The famous Harbor Bridge is another architectural landmark of Sydney. Its length reaches 1149 meters. There are railway and car routes, and there is also a walkway for pedestrians. The unusual shape of the bridge was built in 1932. It is with the Harbor Bridge on New Year’s Eve in Sydney, the bulk of fireworks are launched.

Historical value is another famous landmark of Sydney — Fort Denison. The fortress was erected in 1857, and until that time in its territory was a prison for prisoners sentenced to death. Today, on the territory of the fort, tourists can visit the cannon museum and bell tower, watch the work of the meter of tides and tides.

The real wonders of nature

Going to the mainland, every tourist should definitely visit such interesting places in Australia as:

pink lake Hiller, located on one of the islands of the southern coast of Western Australia;

«Neon» Lake Gipsland with the national park Kroagingolong;

unique rain forests of Tasmania;

The Pinnakli desert with amazing limestone pillars of unknown origin;

Park Blue Mountains, located near Sydney and many other equally attractive and memorable places.

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Interesting Places Australia

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