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Travel the world and not to visit in France – it is hard to imagine. And if you travel with a pair, then visit Paris many consider itself bound. After all, it is the city of lovers and romantics. France made famous by many events, in whose honor was erected a huge number of monuments. But France has a lot of colonies …

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Here, France – a country of love and romance – remains true to itself. There in the French colonies one place called New Caledonia – is an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean, to the right of Australia. The archipelago consists of many large and small islands, most of which is the island of New Caledonia. It is noteworthy that this area is a complete integral unit of the state, France, and the inhabitants of the archipelago the same rights as, say, the indigenous inhabitants of Paris …

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New Caledonia – a French overseas territory, which until nineteen eighty-four led the High Commissioner appointed by the Government of France. And today New Caledonia has internal self-government.

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Here is everything that might interest travelers and lovers to relax. These services noisy restaurants, night clubs and quiet beautiful beaches, where you can relax on the golden sand. Dark impenetrable mangroves and unique flora and fauna. A diving lovers can admire the unique species of coral reefs. Traveling to New Caledonia – immediately struck by untouched nature. This is largely due to the fact that there are no large settlements. There are no, the big cities and towns. And even the administrative center and the capital Noumea, inhabits only sixty thousand people, which obviously does not go to any comparison with European cities. The city has many attractions, but the most valuable thing for locals and travelers is located in Forest Park, where the Zoo is living flightless bird «Kaga». This bird is considered a symbol of the country.

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It would seem that occupies a small area of ​​New Caledonia, but about this country, you can talk endlessly, because the main island is surrounded by other islands, which are no less beautiful. With its unique and interesting places. Where can I see a lot of rivers and waterfalls, savannas and magnificent rock formations.