At the crossroads of East and West Beirut

At the crossroads of East and West is Beirut. This city will leave nobody indifferent, it everyone will find something and entertainment. The city offers parks, mosques, Christian churches, Roman baths, Byzantine, Ottoman palaces and the basilica. You can get to the plane from Beirut airport «Sheremetyevo», every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

At the crossroads of East and West Beirut 2

On the road it will take a little less than 4 hours. Citizens of Ukraine and Belarus to reach Beirut will also have through Moscow. The easiest way to get to the residents of Armenia, their domchat to direct flights of «Armavia». Also, there are quite a few options with transfers, famous airlines.

At the crossroads of East and West Beirut 3

You arrive at the international airport of Beirut, about five kilometers from the city center. Unfortunately, public transportation does not go from the airport to the city and, therefore, will have to get a taxi. We recommend that you use the official vehicles airport taxi, wearing a special emblem. These taxis charge a flat fee for delivery to the city center. Other taxi parked a little further, and often seek to rob unsuspecting tourists. Be sure to bargain. Tour price in any case shall not exceed 17 dollars or 25 000 LBP.

At the crossroads of East and West Beirut 4

There is a little trick between the center of Beirut and the airport runs a minibus dedicated staff. It can be used and tourists, and the trip will cost 2500 LBP. All the historical and architectural monuments are located in the Old Beirut is located near the port of pleasure yachts and commercial port.

At the crossroads of East and West Beirut 5

The first is to visit Ashrafieh, the center of all the nightlife, situated therein nightclubs and bars, nice shops and restaurants. If shopping and rest you will not be enough, visit the Hamra area and stretching along the coast outside Verdun, placed there with hotels and restaurants. Many ways to relax and have fun you will meet in Beirut, the main thing just your desire.