On a visit to Varan – Koh Hong island

If you’ve ever dreamed of to go somewhere to hide from intrusive eyes, from a bad life or just go where no one has ever been. That Koh Hong island, which is currently uninhabited, fulfill your dream. Judging by the fact that you can see on the internet, the island is quite suitable for him to live in peace, at least a week.

On a visit to Varan Koh Hong island 02

Koh Hong island is famous for that it has a beautiful beach, whose length is 400 meters. The beach is very small, that is, a sand almost anywhere in the world will not find. Water, in quality is ideal, it can even be called emerald. In addition, here you can see a large number of rocks that are on the edge of the beach and a lot of vegetation that covers almost the entire island.

On a visit to Varan Koh Hong island 03

If you manage to get on the island, then you are sure to get into the forest. And all because there is a great and hidden from the eye, the lagoon. Water in her bright green around mangroves and more. And while it is not clear exactly how this lagoon was able to stay on these insurmountable vertical cliffs. In the water, there are lots of fish, and on the island, quite a lot of reptiles. Fish can be seen, not even submerged. What is interesting, you can take a banana with you if you want to look for fish, as it is to this kind of food, they are not indifferent.

On a visit to Varan Koh Hong island 04

Of reptiles you can see lizards, which reach 2 meters in length. They calmly walk around the island, looking for any scraps or some chicken, for example. These reptiles, absolutely not afraid of people, but you should pay attention to the fact that while lizards behave quietly, they are still not safe.

On a visit to Varan Koh Hong island 05

Visit this island is probably everyone’s dream, but still, do not allow the neglect of the island. And all because a large amount of time, the owners of the islands themselves are animals, not people. And I would rather do not need anything.