Multicolored rock Zhang Danks

Our nature does not get tired us to represent all its splendor. Various conditions with changes in terrestrial create stunning beauty of the Earth for millions of years. One of the amazing wonders of nature – a multicolored cliffs Zhang Danks. Rocks themselves are a unique attraction in Gansu Province (China), and unique in the world is no more.

Multicolored rock Zhang Danks 2

Rocks in our view – are ordinary education system of the mountains, which were formed as a result of the nature of any abnormalities. But that has been rock and colorful – it is difficult to imagine, but it is up to the moment until they see it. Multicolored rock Zhang Danks is a scenic mountain ridge, which now, as a geological park.

Multicolored rock Zhang Danks 3

The whole range of colors together in a picturesque mountain formations that are simply breathtaking. These formations of the mountains are a unique type of petrographic geomorphology, and in a variety of patterns found only in this park. Mountain soil surface layer is made of red sandstone and conglomerate of the Cretaceous period, mostly.

Multicolored rock Zhang Danks 4

Research geologists and scientists calculations indicate that about 100 million. Years ago, once at the site of the Geological Park splashed a giant indoor pool and settled at the bottom silt. The water in the pool over time, under the influence of extreme high temperatures to evaporate, which was the cause of sediment oxidation. Through these processes, sediment accepted characteristic rust color. Thus, the order of 70 mln. Years ago formed the red layer of sediment thickness of 3 thousand 700 m., Known as the chalk bed.

Multicolored rock Zhang Danks 5

Thanks to a multi-colored rocks Gansu Province has quickly become a popular spot for the town Zhang. Innumerable boardwalks, stairs and roads that have been built for tourists and scientists to explore the mountain forming amazing and colorful cliffs.