Philippines. Villages on stilts and other exotics

In conversations among fans of travel and vacation in overseas countries, it is often possible to hear stories about the great location not land, which is called the Philippines. And such stories usually are not fiction, because here on the islands located in the Pacific Ocean near the equator, geographically belonging to the south-east Asia, can rest, which dreams of every person.

Philippines. Villages on stilts and other exotics 2

Here it is an opportunity to relax, as your heart desires. Someone is resting lying on the beach, the white sand, and those who love exotic, will be able to sunbathe on the beaches of pale-pink sand. But those who came to the Philippines to spend your holiday actively, will be able to get a complete list of services. This diving and surfing, canoeing and rock climbing here are happy to offer a walk through the mountains and ride a horse. And a lot of variety of entertainment can be found, come to rest in this amazing place.

Philippines. Villages on stilts and other exotics 3

However, not only famous for a variety of ways to relax the Philippines. There are places on the islands that beckon tourists and lovers of the exotic with its uniqueness. That place is the village on stilts, which are located partly on land and part in the water. In the Philippines, many such villages. One of them is called Tongkil and it is right in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Philippines. Villages on stilts and other exotics 4

However, not everywhere in the archipelago, you can find this type of village. In the area of ​​the island of Luzon, which geographically belongs to the group of islands of Visayas, generally lives a few people. After all, in these places there are typhoons are not rare, and such natural phenomena sweep away everything in its path. And, of course, a village located in the water unable to withstand the pressure of natural disasters.

Philippines. Villages on stilts and other exotics 5

But in the area of Mindanao island, the village whose houses are in the water – not a rarity. This is due to the fact that there is even a heavy rain in the rare, not to mention some serious Bole natural phenomena. This natural quiet and gave impetus to the construction of small villages in the water, which eventually turned into a full-fledged administrative units.