Swastika city in Canada

In Canada, there is a city which called Swastika. Repeated attempts to change its name have so far failed. The debate on this issue that calms down, then flares up again. Until now, people can not come to a definite decision: to change the name of your town, or remain the same. Swastika City is located in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Swastika city in Canada 2

It is quiet, peaceful town, nor anything but his name unremarkable. The city authorities are trying to attract tourists, but not the original name, and the small, cozy hotel. At the beginning of the last century there were several dozens of place names bearing a German roots in the country. But during the war, almost all of them changed their names. It was in Ontario, even the Berlin city, but the residents voted and changed it to Kitchener.

Swastika city in Canada 3

But quiet and relaxing Swastika has not given such an impulse and resisted, explaining that according to linguists, the origin of the city name more. The dispute began on renaming a resident of Toronto Dave Shama received by the error in the address letter with a return address city Swastika. Inquire Dave, convinced that such a place, oddly enough there.

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In 1940 the Canadian government adopted a decree to rename the Swastika in Winston city, after the British Prime Minister Churchill. But angry residents after a few days have broken new signs «City of Winston,» replacing their banners with the inscription «To hell with Hitler! Our first swastika. « And this is probably true. The city received its name much before the appearance of the Fuhrer – in 1906 when the north of the province found a gold mine.

Swastika city in Canada 5

Inspired by this discovery, promising good earnings, the discoverers named the new settlement Swastika, which in Sanskrit means «Luck». This character is popular among residents of Mexico, Peru and Central Asia. It was found in the tombs of the Indians of North America. For them, the swastika was a positive symbol.