Temple complex Gobekli Tepe

Not so long ago, in Turkey, scientists have discovered the so-called circles of Gobekli Tepe, which is assumed to date back to 9500 BC It follows that this temple is 7 000 years older than the famous British Stonehenge. We found these stone circles were 35 miles from the Syrian border, on the Mesopotamian plain.

Temple complex Gobekli Tepe 2

In comparison with the British construction, hidden in the ground, the Turkish circles have a very small area. Total currently been excavated 4 of 20 laps maximum diameter of less than 30 meters. Together with the circles were discovered T-shaped pillars and towering above them five-meter stones. These stones are unique in that they are completely covered with images of lions, scorpions, snakes, wild boars and foxes.

Temple complex Gobekli Tepe 3

But the people who created it, was not only far from the writing and use of wheels, but not grown wheat and worked stone. As advanced earlier assumptions, such complex and monumental objects were built only after the emergence of agriculture complex hierarchical civilizations. But the objects found here completely refute these assumptions. These findings clearly artificially treated, and were erected long before farming was born.

Temple complex Gobekli Tepe 4

Excavations in the temple complex Gobekli Tepe has been going on for almost 10 years, and during that time was open only a small part of the monument, which does not give the true representation of his appointment. It has been a lot of assumptions, one of which is associated with the cult of fertility.

Temple complex Gobekli Tepe 5

Near the megalithic complex was not detected any graves or houses and archaeologists had assumed that these circles have been a place of pilgrimage for those living in areas of communities. Also, unusual figurine polucheloveka-polulva was found in the ruins of the temple and the Sphinx was made long before the rise of the Egyptian civilization. This suggests that it is here, in Northern Syria and Turkey, our civilization has arisen.