The tombs in the ancient Ayutthaya

It is no secret that Thailand is a country which was chosen by tourists from different countries. And this fact hard to refute, because there is a great beach with all the infrastructure and unique places rich in historical and architectural monuments. The city where the largest number of historical and cultural attractions called Ayutthaya.

The tombs in the ancient Ayutthaya 2

In principle, the right will probably say that the whole city is a tourist attraction. After all, here, everywhere you look everywhere you can see the ancient tombs, temples and royal palaces. Such a set of religious and royal buildings is not accidental, because once Ayutthaya was the capital of a great state. And now it is often called the cultural capital of Thailand.

The tombs in the ancient Ayutthaya 3

Now the capital of Thailand is Bangkok, but is driven away from him only some hundred kilometers to the north and history buffs get to a fairy tale, where a huge number of old buildings and not only. It so happened that because of the historical events of the city was destroyed, but someone will very nature began to preserve all that was not destroyed, she did it with the help of vines that are growing everywhere and their branches and roots strengthened walls and foundations .

The tombs in the ancient Ayutthaya 4

Guests Ayutthaya passing by the ruins of an ancient royal palace, are delighted by what he saw, even after seeing a small part of it can be presented all the grandeur and beauty of this building. It is also unlikely someone will be able to remain indifferent after visiting a temple-fortress VET Phra Meru, there is a unique statue of Buddha, whose age is more than thirteen centuries, and its uniqueness lies in the fact that this sculpture is carved from a stone.

The tombs in the ancient Ayutthaya 5

And, of course, impossible to ignore party temple called Wat Ratchaburana, because there is an ancient royal tomb. To get it, you have to go down into the ground, where you can see the ancient burial place. After seeing the tombs in the ancient Ayutthaya possible to draw conclusions about the ancient customs and traditions. Some of them have survived to the present day.