Suicide Forest at the foot of Mount Fuji

In Japan, there is a mountain called Mount Fuji, which is growing at the foot of a dense forest. It is a very old and ancient, because the mountain is considered sacred. What’s the strangest thing for the forest that has come or to pick mushrooms or on a picnic. Over the past 60 years, there is a place chosen by the suicide. Why 60 years, you ask, yes because it is conducted through since that time. Over the years, at the foot of Mount Fuji is killing more than 500 people.

Suicide Forest at the foot of Mount Fuji 2

Some people believe that this suicide attack, began after the world saw the book, entitled «Black Sea of Trees». After all, it tells us that people went to the forest, joined hands and either hanged or jumping, etc.

Suicide Forest at the foot of Mount Fuji 3

Now it’s not just the forest, and the place where settled a large number of spirits that the stories can not find peace, because they have committed an evil act that can not be done by one religious laws. Local authorities are very worried about this, because it killed a great number of young and older people.

Suicide Forest at the foot of Mount Fuji 4

Now, at every step, there are signs, in which it is written, «Think again!» Or «remember about your family» and others. But, unfortunately, neither signs nor prayer can not stop suicide if they took such a decision. As much as it may sound scary, but the authorities have created a special unit, which, roughly speaking, the forest clears from the corpses. The whole forest of suicides at the foot of Mount Fuji covers about 35 square kilometers, and every year there are at least 100 bodies. Who knows, maybe it there and more.

Suicide Forest at the foot of Mount Fuji 5

The most disgusting in all this, that there are such people, roughly speaking, the looters, who robbed the dead. They can not just take the purse, but also gold jewelry, watches, etc. This is called not only looting but also disgusting. How can a dead man to pick up the thing that was not his. Not only did they find the body, so they still have enough conscience and rob them, rather than to help