Batu Caves

Batu Caves, as they are called karst, currently located in 10 kilometers from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Caves significant from the fact that they have a Hindu shrine, which at one time were dedicated to the god Muruga. Since entering the cave before the stairs, you can see a statue of the god is.

Batu Caves 2

It is important to know that before you go into the caves themselves, need to go 272 steps, all of the same ladder. Also in these caves extends the well-known celebration of the Hindu festival Thaipusam. To visit the cave, you do not need to pay.

Batu Caves 3

Going up to the temple stairs, pay attention to the monkeys, which are many, not only on the stairs, but also in the temple. Keeping track of it can be for fun, but also, it is worth noting that all of you should be on their places. And all because the monkey loves all that is bad, because they can easily drag you any thing, thinking that it is edible. They are all the same, that steal, and you may lose a valuable thing. So be very careful.

Batu Caves 4

Also, be careful when climbing the ladder to those who have bad health, bring water because there is not only a lot of steps, but also very hot. To view all of Batu Caves, you will need at least all day. Inside, it seems that you are very fast-moving, but believe me, it is not so. Branched out into many caves, but there are unexplored, two-kilometer tunnels, no one is allowed there.

Batu Caves 5

So coming to Malaysia, you definitely need to visit the cave, you will learn many new and interesting things about the traditions and customs of this people. How do they show their repentance and confession of sins, and a lot more. It is necessary only to see, because the words are very difficult to describe the feelings that you experience when you visit the caves. You can see the photos on the internet and reviews about the cave and only then make a decision.