Drapchi prison in Tibet

Drapchi prison in Tibet, or, as it is called, Lhasa prison. This is the biggest prison, which has only in Tibet. In the beginning, this building was built for the military garrison, but after 1959 it was the Tibetan uprising, it became a prison. The official opening was held in prison in 1965 and had a nine offices.

Drapchi prison in Tibet 2

Not so long ago, the prison was completed and some rebuilt. Today, prison is about 1000 prisoners. Of these, more than 600 people considered political prisoners. Their age starts from 18 and ends 85 years. Many people who are here have been planted, it is the monks and nuns.

Drapchi prison in Tibet 3

Many people say that this prison is the worst of all, which only exists on earth. Then for any wrong move, a word or a look not just beaten, but they may be killed. Of course, the data is not confirmed, but still there are some facts about violence against Tibetan monks. The very power, says that it is not a prison, and prison for those who have violated not only the law of the country, but also the law of God.

Drapchi prison in Tibet 4

There is a story, which refers to the singing nuns, who were not afraid and recorded tape, and were able to pass at will. Of course, the nuns were condemned and punished a second time to the fullest extent of the law of the country. Unfortunately, all the nuns died and each of the ill-treatment. It is terrible even to think that such horror could happen in prison, and even over the clergy.

Drapchi prison in Tibet 5

Of course, the prison should correct people, but not to kill them as nothing. Such an attitude is simply unthinkable, but, unfortunately, do in this situation can not be nothing. Because prison is rightly called the most terrible and horrible place on earth. Such tortures that are happening there, would not wish even to worst enemy. Would be better if there were dangerous maniacs, then action would be to justify. And so poor people who are nothing in this life is not guilty, suffer. Horror and shame.