Tibet is a country ancestors and wisdom

Tibet, the mountain is constantly beckon to him with its beauty and unrecognized. For example the great pyramid of Mount Kailash. There’s no civilization, there is freedom. To relax in Tibet and forget about everything, you must comply with all laws that are put in front of you the mountains. For example, the Tibetan government does not like those who are trying to get here from China.

Tibet is a country ancestors and wisdom 2

If you’ll travel in Tibet, you should be aware that comply with the laws will be more than difficult, I can even say, almost impossible. Not like «rabbits» because the country is just that, and makes, that is 60 per cent takes the tourism industry.

Tibet is a country ancestors and wisdom 3

In order to move to Tibet, you have to be in the group, which is not less than five people. Plus, you will not have to be a guide. Of course, you can get into the territory illegally, but it is better not worth the risk, because, having got on a lie, you can not escape trouble.

Tibet is a country ancestors and wisdom 4

Basically, people go here to look at the holy things and relax, not to stand at the checkpoint and miss or think did not ride linden. In order to get to the capital of Tibet, you will need to use the railway. Departures are from Qinghai station and, of course, the final stop, is Tibet. Railway track, probably the biggest in the world and covers 969 kilometers. Most interesting is that a large part of the journey is at an altitude of four thousand meters.

Tibet is a country ancestors and wisdom 5

Of course, you can get there and the plane, but still train it will be much more useful, because the body adapts and gets used to the pressure drops. Arriving at the place, you will be surprised not only the beauty but also the cleanliness of the city. Here, all the people are hospitable and always welcome. Traveling through Tibet, you will visit a huge number of holy places. So it is, finally, to get together and relax not only the body but also the soul and give free rein to just relax. It’s worth it to enjoy the small pleasures of life.