Interesting elevators

To date, we pretty difficult to imagine modern life without a certain technical products and devices, such as the same cell phone, car and passenger lift, without which it can not do any high-rise building. And if for some supermarkets modern passenger elevator is more a part of the image of a building and is generally called a kind of means of transportation for the lazy, but when the journey takes more than five full floors, it is no longer a luxury but a necessary means of transportation.

Interesting elevators 2

It is worth noting that quite often contemporary architects and designers give these designs are very original solutions, which affect not only their appearance, but also the technical capabilities of those who do not only designed, but also built. Interesting elevators hit its unpredictability. And one of these man-made wonders of the world could be described as a colossal structure three hundred and thirty-meter elevator located in the Chinese province of Hunan, where the fabulous mountain, entwined with evergreen bushes and peculiar species of trees, year-round draw on top of those mountains a lot of tourists.

Interesting elevators 3

Despite the fact that even on the vision of this elevator, which is called the Lift One Hundred Dragons (Bailong Elevator), all warn that it is listed in the famous Guinness Book of Records, the real impression of this man-made dragon is simply amazing. But these impressions just melt when three or four dozen admiring tourists, almost entirely glass booths, are raised to a height of 330 meters the lookout massif Yuan Jia Jie. This kind tour guides do not cease to repeat not only the face value of «Hundred Dragons» in the $ 18 million, but the fact that it is located in one of the most beautiful areas of southern China.

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And if you go back to the subject of the original elevators located in shopping centers, the most «fun» and no doubt the original can be called a lift, located in the shopping center of London – Southside. The very idea of such a lift designed and implemented the English designer Andrew Walker (Andrew Walker).

Interesting elevators 5

The originality of this almost classical design of the elevator is that everyone who comes into the elevator as it moves faces an open elevator shaft, which Andrew Walker (Andrew Walker) just painted on the elevator floor and closed the special filter which becomes transparent when its movement. So that even at low traveling back and forth for quite a short distance, you can get a big charge not only positive impressions, but also a healthy adrenaline.