The restaurant in the crowns of medieval sakura

The fact that Japan and today, being the most technologically advanced country in the world, continues to surprise many Europeans its exoticism associated with its centuries-old culture, it is no secret, but rather a feature of this island nation. And here we can talk not only about the historical architectural monuments and wonderful natural monuments, such as Mount Fuji and Tokyo Imperial Palace. Rather, here we are talking about the Japanese aesthetic perception of the world around us, which in Shinto beliefs are as varied as the number of people who see it through the prism of his understanding of beauty, of good and evil.

The restaurant in the crowns of medieval sakura 2

In this respect, the inhabitants of the island of Okinawa is not much away from the rest of the population of Japan, revere not only a variety of deities personifying the forces of nature, but also all manifestations of the world around us. That’s what they did with the medieval cherry blossoms, which for many years was growing in the center of Gaymar. However, the years take their toll, and like any living thing «being» cherry Gaymar has left few in the other world and has become a rather exotic, dried tree that stands in the center of town.

The restaurant in the crowns of medieval sakura 3

But residents Gaymar, rather than to cut it and disassemble for heating their homes, received a little differently, and is located on its withered branches of most ordinary fast food restaurant, which can be reached by climbing the elevator located in the trunk of a tree or a small screw stairs.

The restaurant in the crowns of medieval sakura 4

Gajumaru, and so, on behalf of the city now called the restaurant. It is quite a popular place not only for the numerous visiting tourists coming to Okinawa for the exotic and experiences, but also local residents. At least once a week, they consider it their duty to visit the restaurant and enjoy here Gajumaru traditional Japanese sushi fish or tofu. At the same time as the residents themselves Gaymar and many tourists do not refuse to miss this restaurant and for a drink or a traditional sake of the very rice wine, which is so much to say on the whole of our entire country.

The restaurant in the crowns of medieval sakura 5

And if we ignore the gastronomic features of the restaurant in the crowns of medieval Sakura mentioned above, it is worth noting as well, and the fact that Gajumaru is a major attraction not only to the same city, and the shopping and entertainment park Onyeama, which is the main component of the replenishment of the city budget, in addition to the traditional fishing people of Okinawa fishing.