Phantom Island «Hasim»

Approximately somewhere 40 years ago, a very small and now completely abandoned, but it is very surprising in Japan island of Hasim, which is located about 17 km from the very sad Nagasaki, was the largest center of coal mining and is considered the first populated place around world.

Phantom Island Hasim 2

Hasim island located in the East China Sea. Stretching from the south about 480 meters north and about 160 meters from west to east. The coastline is approximately 1 kilometer. Long before the beginning of the XIX century Hasim island it was previously the usual fragments of rock that slightly sprouted greens. Then they settled in their nests, and various sea birds from time to time found temporary shelter many fishermen from neighboring islands.

Phantom Island Hasim 3

At the beginning of 1810 coal was discovered here, shortly after this and began to actively explore and colonize the island. By the 30 th year of this century Hasim instantly become a major center of Japanese industry: in addition to the mines, there also began to open military factories were built set of residential buildings, shops, schools, hospitals and even cemeteries.

Phantom Island Hasim 4

During the Second World War, for the hard work here brought many Chinese and Koreans, captured, unfortunately, a lot of them died due to the fact that there were very severe conditions for their labor. Their body simply could not bear such a load.

Phantom Island Hasim 5

For half a century on this amazing island Hasim population amounted to more than 5259 people per 1 square km; in 1959. And in the middle of 1974, coal production in the Hasim, who had previously flourished, just fell completely all the mines were closed and life is practically stopped. As a result, only a couple of weeks, almost all the inhabitants left the island slowly, which faded in the eyes of residents and Hasim island became a ghost.