Jellyfish`s Lake in Palau

Travelers and simply lovers of beauty, perhaps, it will be interesting to know what on earth has a unique lake, where millions live jellyfish. It is not that big lake, its length is about 460 m., Width of about 160m and a depth of no more than 50 meters. For the jellyfish in the lake is much that they can be seen even from the flight altitude of the aircraft.
Jellyfishs Lake in Palau 2

Is this a miracle that so called Jellyfish’s Lake in the small Republic of Palau, which lies to the east of the Philippines. Palau is not the only lake they are about seventy, but visiting and diving is allowed only in this, the rest are closed to tourists. Although in principle and authorized diving Jellyfish’s Lake can be considered very relative, because to dive in the lake can be a maximum of a tube and a mask.
Jellyfishs Lake in Palau 3

Scientists say that the lake was formed about twelve thousand years ago. While there has been a shift of the Earth’s crust. Then there was a depression, which although it was separated from the ocean, but still filled with water. Experts who have studied the lake say that water got into it through small cracks and pores in the limestone rocks. In the same way, they say, it got a lot of beautiful jellyfish.
Jellyfishs Lake in Palau 4

Since then, they began to live here and breed. In addition, live in the lake was much safer than the ocean, because they could not get here any predators. From such a carefree life of the jellyfish eventually eliminated the need for protection, which has led to the disappearance of stinging cells on the tentacles, the jellyfish has become absolutely safe. This fact can not but please the tourists, because to swim with so many jellyfish, and not be afraid that they will not sting, it’s worth it.
Jellyfishs Lake in Palau 5

It is not known why this happened, but in the lake only two types of jellyfish. But what !!! This so-called golden and moon jellyfish. Just imagine the picture — the lake in which more than two million jellyfish. Floating on this lake, and touching them, feel human amphibian.